Activity directions:

  • Development of new electrochemical machines and technologies
  • Serial production of electrochemical machines
  • After-sale service and guarantee repairs
  • Design technological supervision of customers: development of original technologies, auxiliaries, supervisor programs for processing of parts by machines of "ET" series

Advantages of our machines and techology

  • Processing of parts made of various materials (steels, titan, WC-Co, copper, nickel chrome alloys).
  • one-component electrolyte for various materials processing.
  • Processing of non-rigid (openwork) parts.
  • Final surface quality up to Ra 0.01, no affected material structures in surface layer.
  • Dimensional repeatability in series of parts is up to ±1 micron.
  • Closed-loop electrolyte supply system.
  • Removal of toxic heavy metals ions for electrolyte and aerosols.

We offer to our customers

  • Reliability and quality of the equipment supplied by leading European and Japanese manufacturers.
  • Equipment delivery "on a turn-key basis".
  • Technological support (electrode end tooling design, process optimization).
  • After-sales service.
  • Qualified personnel, consulting.
  • Training of the personnel of customers.
  • Dealer network in Russia and Europe.